The Pre-School at Doylestown United Methodist Church
320 E. Swamp Road
Doylestown PA, 18901

Ms. Karen Borghi

(215) 345-9775

(215) 348-5777

The Doylestown United Methodist Church established the Pre-School in 1968 to serve its members and the community. The program provides many varied experiences designed to meet the developmental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each child enrolled in our pre-school. The Pre-School emphasizes a nurturing atmosphere where positive Christian values of concern and respect for self and others are modeled, taught and practiced. Our purpose is the same today, 40 years later! We do not discriminate against race, sex or religious beliefs. We believe that each child is special!

The Pre-School programs are offered to 3, 4, & 5 year olds. Our pre-school program is directed toward the development of each individual student. Every child is encouraged to express themselves through artwork, music, creative play, social interaction, and group discussions. The importance of a positive self-image for each child is recognized.

Anyone wishing to see our program and facility is welcome to do so. Please call the school at 215-345-9775 to arrange a visit.